Crater Lake Offers Snowshoe Tours


CRATER LAKE, Ore. — Even with only inches of snow on the ground, almost all of Crater Lake National Park’s winter activities are still continuing as scheduled.

The sunny dry weather brought in a record number of visitors in December.  Snowshoeing is one of the popular activities among skiing and sledding.

According to Crater Lake National Park ranger, Mike Fredrick, 60 -90 people have been signing up for snowshoe tours on an average day. That number is almost double the amount of snowshoers who have typically gone on the walk in years past.

This year with the lack of snow, the snow that is on the ground is frozen, making it easier to walk on.

“Often when we have the fresh powder, even with snowshoes, you’ll sink up to your knees and that makes it very strenuous… so this makes it much easier,” said Ranger Fredrick.

Crater Lake National Park provides the snowshoe walk, free of charge, every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m.  The snowshoes are provided.  The snowshoe tours will run through April.