Crater High School Closed For Repairs

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Crater High School in Central Point remains closed Tuesday after a water main burst late Sunday night, early Monday morning. It’s unclear exactly how much damage was done to the school but clean-up crews are still trying to dry things up. In the meantime there are a lot of questions that administrators and staff are looking to resolve.

Maintenance crews are hard at work clearing the damage from the water main burst at the school’s Renaissance Academy, one of three buildings on the premises. While the damage is being repaired, Crater students are without school, and the prognosis is uncertain.

Inside, chairs are turned up, rugs are left to blow-dry, and electricity is nowhere to be seen. The school’s principal says that the damage is so severe that they can’t afford to leave any options off the table. The building itself is one of the older buildings on campus, and many parts have been remodeled.

Principal King says that may have played a part in the flood, but right now, they’re concerned less about determining the cause and more about getting students back quickly and carefully. Principal King was meeting with cleanup specialists, insurance, and district representatives throughout most of the day to plan out the next few weeks and months. He says he hopes to begin briefings with teachers on Wednesday.