Craigslist Ad Calls Out Drivers Who Text

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Police say an anonymous local resident should shift his efforts. Right now, someone other than law enforcement is on the lookout for people texting and driving in Medford and posting his or her information on Craigslist.

Phone calls, e-mails, texts are all illegal in Oregon while behind the wheel, but when the law doesn’t stop those guilty of the dangerous habit, an anonymous person in Medford is hoping that publicizing it online will help.

An anonymous ad posted on the Craigslist website has photos of Medford drivers caught in the act with license plate number and vehicle description for all to see. The bold move by the original poster is actually perfectly legal.

“You have a right to take photos and videotape people, and as far as what I saw on that Craigslist ad, they only had partial plates. Even if they had full plates, there’s not an issue with that,” explains Medford Police Corporal Joshua Schilder.

Corporal Schilder says it’s better to fill out a citizen’s traffic complaint and have law enforcement deal with the issue.

“There are better ways to do things, and obviously if you’re really concerned and you want enforcement action, then come down here and fill out the report,” Corporal Schilder says. “Obviously, they’re taking the time to fill out the ad on Craigslist. I just think it’s a better option to come down here and do that.”

Statistics from the Center of Disease Control show that nearly five and half thousand people died from distracted driving accidents in 2009 alone, while nearly half a million were injured. Around town, people thought texting and driving was an issue, but one best left to police.


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  1. David says:

    The MPD does a great job, and I highly respect that. They have enough on their plate with the current rise in gangs, drugs and crime and cannot be everywhere at one time. Besides, what’s wrong with a few concerned, responsible citizens taking to the streets to point out the dangers of what other local drivers are doing in our neighborhoods while driving… and at the same time helping our community?

    According to Corporal Schilder of the MPD, this is completely legal.

    We definitely need more law enforcement out on our streets just for this texting & driving reason. My opinion, everyone caught texting & driving needs to have both their car and phone impounded. Your car IS NOT a phone booth, so don’t use it as one!

    I wish more people got involved with this ongoing nation-wide epidemic.

  2. Larry Reavis says:

    I wish MPD would set up stings all over town, and prosecute every offender to the max…..then, perhaps the word would get out.

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