CPR Brings Man Back to Life


MEDFORD, Ore. — The Johnson family is getting ready to leave the hospital and for the first time in a week, that means they get to bring Dad home.

But 8-year-old Simone and 6-year-old Marcus’ “buddy forever,” or Dad, almost didn’t make it. In fact, without a pulse, the 50-year-old was dead.

“I took his pulse, there was no pulse, he wasn’t breathing, he was dead,” John Bowling said, the man who performed CPR on Greg.

That was a week ago on South Stage Road when Greg Johnson was on his routine bike ride and things did not go according to plan.

“I’ve never felt so dizzy, it wasn’t going away,” Greg said. “My vision, things kind of brightened up on me. I thought there’s no way I can keep riding, that’s all I remember.”

Then Greg suffered a heart attack, and just at the right time a stranger, John Bowling, drove by. Bowling almost immediately jumped into action.

“Initially I thought, well what if I do it wrong?” Bowling said. “And then I thought, he’s dead, I have nothing to lose.”

It’s a thought followed by action that saved Greg’s life. A thought healthcare providers say you can learn from.

Greg says his memory picked up inside the ambulance.

“They said, welcome Greg, welcome back.”

A welcome back, in part, came because of what one witness said was 10 minutes of CPR.

“I’m just so thankful he had the skill and the knowledge and the courage and not to give up and to do what he did,” Greg said.

A man, who was once a stranger, the Johnson’s say, is an angel.

“Obviously there’s a lot to Greg before I met him and so seeing him now and seeing his smile and the sparkle and the energy that he has, it really is feeling like I get to see someone come back to life,” Bowling explained.

Coming back to life his family says means more memories and more time with their “buddy forever.”

“Greg’s a great guy, I always said he’s the best husband I’ve ever heard of,” Greg’s wife Cheryl Johnson said. “I’m always thankful we have another chance of being together as a family.

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  1. Tracey Jacobsen says:

    I am a friend of Cheryl’s — thank you so much John! My kids are not much younger than theirs, and I am so grateful you gave them back their dad!

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