Cover Oregon Site Changes Ahead

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Cover Oregon has just announced they are scrapping the website and moving to the federal exchange.

Late Thursday morning, a technology committee made that final recommendation for the future of Cover Oregon’s troubled health insurance exchange.

Lawmakers on both sides say the site’s rollout hasn’t been up to par. As a solution, state officials will change the current Cover Oregon site to allow users to sign up through the federal marketplace.

“The companies that we’re looking at to do it for us, have done it already before so we know they can do it this time they’re not going to be paid on time and materials. They’re going to be paid for actually producing the web site,” said Senator Alan Bates (D). That was a lesson learned from the site’s current creator Oracle. “None of us trust Oracle anymore. We’re not going to put any more money down that sink hole.”

If the state would have fixed the problems with the site, $30 to $50 million would have gone down that sink hole. By just getting rid of the state exchange and switching to the federal marketplace, it costs between $4 million and $5 million.

That doesn’t sit well with Representative Greg Walden (R). “It’s outrageous. There were warning signs that were ignored, there were alarms that got shut off. How did it get so out of hand?”

He supports an audit to find out exactly how it got so out of hand. “We need to get to the facts first and then a trail will lead to who is ultimately responsible,” said Walden.

The new site will be ready for the next enrollment period beginning November 1st.

Click here to watch Friday’s Cover Oregon board meeting.


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  1. Michael Kreiser says:

    Oracle should pay back the money they took since they were unable to deliver.

  2. Citizen A says:

    Every Oregonian should be outraged at the mishandling of hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s not like getting the wrong change back on a burger order. All those who profited from this venture, and those who allowed it to happen, should be held accountable. It is no secret that the Republican party was against the Affordable Care Act, nor does it seem “just a coincidence” that those states which opened their own exchanges failed. What I am most dismayed at are the folks who truly wanted health insurance and the frustrations they encountered. I am glad they are moving towards scrapping the website. For all those who genuinely tried to make it work, thanks – and for the others – shame on you!

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