Cover Oregon Website Makes Progress

cover oregon 1MEDFORD, Ore. — Agents with Cover Oregon say the troubled web site has made big progress in the past week, which helping people to sign up for health insurance.

The Cover Oregon web site launched in October, but has technical issues right from the start. For four months, you couldn’t sign up online, and needed to fill out a paper application to give to an agent. Now they’re making progress, slowly, but agents say anything helps.

This week, the website upgrades are allowing agents and community partners to sign someone up online, instead of needing the paper application. People can head to the web site to compare plans and get estimates on rates, then need to meet with an agent to finish signing up.

Right now people still need the help of an agent. They still can’t sign up all on their own, but those agents say that little bit of progress can help people save time.

“For folks that are concerned, especially as the deadline comes up, I think to be able to do it in one step, to make the plans with someone who can navigate that part of the process,” said Michelle Glass with Oregon Action

Last week, Congressman Greg Walden and State Representative Dennis Richardson called for a federal audit of Cover Oregon to find out how the money was spent to launch the program, and why problems have continued.

Cover Oregon staff say there is still no date set for when the entire website will be fully functional.