Cover Oregon Rolls Out Tuesday

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Patients and medical providers across the state are getting ready for the launch of Cover Oregon this week.

Cover Oregon is the state’s version of the Affordable Care Act. If you have health insurance and you’re happy with that insurance, you won’t be affected at all, but those who don’t have insurance will see a few changes.

The website, which goes live Tuesday, will work as a marketplace. It will allow users to shop for both public and private options and apply for discounts. It will also include an expansion to Oregon Medicaid, also known as the Oregon Health Plan.

Nearly 21,000 people in Jackson and Josephine Counties alone who didn’t qualify for Medicaid before will be able to get in by 2016. Meanwhile, anyone making up to 400% of the federal poverty line, or roughly $46,000 a year for a single person, will be able to get tax subsidies on private options.

Cover Oregon officials say their goal is to have 95% of Oregonians insured by 2016. Those who don’t have insurance by 2014 will be penalized up to roughly a hundred dollars for the first year, with fines increasing after that. It will also eliminate pre-existing conditions for those who don’t qualify for expanded Medicaid and have to go through private insurance.

The first few weeks of the website will be a testing period. Users will be able to navigate options and determine eligibility but can’t actually sign up. You can sign up by contacting one of the community partners. Cover Oregon is still adding community partners but here is a partial list for Jackson County:

La Clinicawww.laclinicahealth.org
Community Health Centerwww.communityhealthcenter.org
Oregon Action Rogue Valleywww.oregonaction.org
Asante Rogue Regional Medical Centerwww.asante.org
On Track Addiction Recoverwww.ontrackrecovery.org

These partners have all been trained in the new system and will be going through the new website with Cover Oregon officials Tuesday morning. They’re available to answer questions and help sign up for insurance plans.

Here are some of the dates you will need to know:

October 1 — Website Goes Live
January 1 — Coverage Eligibility Begins
March 31 — Individual Open Enrollment Ends

On Tuesday, the website goes live. Coverage actually begins on January 1st. Individual coverage has a six month enrollment period, which is set to expire at the end of March.


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  1. Dawn Allen says:

    Every one keeps saying that if you already have health care insurance everything will stay the same and you need to do nothing. How come I have been using Bluecross Blueshield for years and have been paying $257.00 a month for a $7500 deductable plan and all of a sudden they tell me my plan has been discontinued and I will have to pay $595.59 a month for a $5000.00 deductible. The cheapest plan possible. This just doesn’t make sense. Nobody seems to talk about the people who are on the edge. The ones who don’t qualify for discounts. Obama care is letting the health insurance companies take advantage of people!!!

  2. Teresa says:

    We, too, are shocked at the large increase in our premium for the same care we have been getting from Regence blue shield/bue cross. $500.00/ month increase!!! ($256.00 to 765.00/mo,). so ‘we are hoping to get help from the exchange. We like the coverage we were getting, and hope that can be available to all citizens. But affordable.

  3. mark says:

    If you aren’t pleased with what has happened, then direct your anger at the creator of the “Affordable” Care Act, which for many of us, is anything but affordable! The fault of this train wreck does not lie with Tea Baggers, The Republican Party, or insurance companies, who are only covering the mandates of coverage which were demanded by the Democrats under Obama’s direction. (ie. Insuring adults, 21-26, for “FREE!”) There is no “free,” as someone, somewhere IS going to pay for “free.”
    The bottom line is, if your homeless, working poor, or a career welfare recipient, your going to love ObamaCare. If your anyone else, you are going to pay through the nose.

  4. Epiphany says:

    Even BEFORE this whole thing came down increases such as the ones described above occurred. In 2008/2009 open season for my Medicare Advantage Plan, my premium went from $43 per month to $271 in one fell swoop. I changed providers at that point to one with zero premium, and much less coverage, and I’m disabled. I was recently widowed and 2/3 of my household income was gone in a moment of time. I’ve had issues with my “no premium plan” all along.. but this year, it became obvious that there were big changes afoot… they moved my primary medication up a “tier”, and now they cover a whopping $2 of it. I received the packet that comes each year at this time from them last week… and honestly, I’m afraid to look.

  5. Fred says:

    Obama just proclaimed all our predictions about Obamacare were wrong. The economy is doing great, he claimed, though he dare not direct that to the millions of people who are being kicked to part-time employment, to bankrupt cities, to shuttered Main Street businesses, and to conscientious taxpayers suffocating under a $17 trillion debt.

    Obama just claimed for the umpteenth time there will be no health care rationing (aka “death panels”), but apparently Howard Dean, Paul Krugman, and Obama’s own former director of Medicare and Medicaid (and anyone who read the IPAB section of the monstrous bill) didn’t get the memo on that one.

    Obama just claimed that the last government “shutdown” in 1996 hurt the economy, when in fact he knows the stock market boomed. I guess he thinks he can furlough reality too. He’s also claiming that he cut deficits in half. In what alternate universe? And if that’s the case, then why does he insist on yet another enormous debt ceiling increase?

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