Cover Oregon Problems Persist

Cover OregonMEDFORD, Ore. — After a month and a half after its expected roll-out date, Cover Oregon still hasn’t enrolled a single person online. Now hospitals, libraries, and businesses around the area are hosting Cover Oregon agents to help people enroll the old fashioned way.

Providence Hospital is among those helping patients fill out paper applications. They say whether paper or online doesn’t matter to them as they just want to help people get insurance.

The problem is that patients are calculating what they’re going to get for subsidies online. When filing on paper, you could wait as long as 45 days to find out what you’re actually going to end up with.

“The question is once you do your application process and turn it in, will that match what the information was that it gave you. That’s where the concerns come in,” said Terry Hay Providence Medical Center.

Hay says he’s getting communications daily from Cover Oregon, but at this point there’s no sign that the website will up and running anytime soon.