Cover Oregon Missing Payments to Agents

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MEDFORD, Ore. – For David Cuttrell, the past few months have been one disappointment after another.

Cuttrell and his agency, Oregon Health Exchange, were among Cover Oregon’s earliest adopters. He alone signed up 152 people by pen and paper, taking at least three hours of work per customer.

But their commission, based on a percentage of premiums, is completely up in the air.

“I’ve yet to see the lion’s share of it,” said Cuttrell. “I’ve yet to see a breakdown of what we’re being paid.”

According to their own numbers, Cuttrell’s company should be getting around $3,000-$4,000 a month from Cover Oregon.

Last month’s commission check was $24.96.

Cover Oregon spokespeople say they’ve paid about 43% of the $1.4 million owed to agents. But, because the applications had to be done by paper, matching a customer with the agent who enrolled them is going slow.

They say their new acting Executive Director assigned four new employees to join an existing team doing just that.

“This is one of the first big challenges identified and we’re committed to getting this work done,” said Cover Oregon spokesperson Michael Cox.

How long that will take is up in the air. Cuttrell says insurance agents are usually paid after each month’s round of premiums, meaning they expected a one-month delay. It has now been five months since November, the month after they started enrolling.

But Cuttrell says they have been assured that people are on it. And as long as they get to it eventually, they’ll be okay.

“It’s going to be a great Christmas for us when we finally get paid,” said Cuttrell.