Cover Oregon Enrollments Addressed

Cover Oregon PaperworkPORTLAND, Ore. — Cover Oregon is once again in the spotlight.

On Thursday, Governor John Kitzhaber addressed the latest enrollment numbers for the troubled health insurance exchange.

New figures released this week show Cover Oregon has enrolled about 20,000 people since October 1st. More than 35,000 Oregonians who applied through Cover Oregon joined the Oregon Health Plan.

More than 114,000 people enrolled directly in the state health plan by bypassing Cover Oregon altogether.

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  1. Mike Bogdonavich says:

    That is amazing! Cover Oregon is a dumpster fire, at best. Any attempt to call them has been met with 60-75 minutes of waiting time, often followed up by a promise that they “don’t know the answer”, followed by a promise to call you back, which never happened. They did mention that they were slammed! uh, yeah! Its because their website never worked, and still doesn’t. I know, they will use the same excuse that o’Bama cared used, “they only had 3 1/2 years to prepare for the volume of calls’!!!!

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