Cover Oregon Application Headaches

Cover Oregon PaperworkMEDFORD, Ore. — This Sunday has been circled on the calendar for Cover Oregon officials, agents and applicants. It’s the deadline for approved applicants to select their insurance plan for coverage beginning January 1st.

Now, due to a backlog of paper applications and the website being down, applicants who met the deadline for coverage may have to go without for the month of January.

65,000 Oregonians got their application in by the December 4th deadline for coverage beginning January 1st. As of Tuesday, only about 28,000 had their applications verified and had received packets or had packets headed their way.

Locally, one agent who helped about 60 applicants apply has only received verification for 10 of her clients, leaving the remaining 50 in limbo. Some clients had already alerted their employer changes to health care beginning in January and now that may be in jeopardy for some.

“Some employer groups terminated their dependent coverage on their plans, so those people are going to be without insurance, basically,” said Cover Oregon Agent Gina Landers.

Some applicants may not receive their verification until after Sunday’s deadline making February 1st the earliest coverage could kick in. . Also announced this week, the Cover Oregon website is not expected to be fully up and running until the end of January at the earliest, about 4 months later than the initial launch date.