Man Arrested at Courthouse for Fake Guns

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Grants Pass man didn’t get very far inside the Josephine County Courthouse building Thursday.  Police say he was at the courthouse to attend a hearing for a stalking order but his clothing and the items in his hands struck panic in many people.

Police ended up citing Bryan Thompson for disorderly conduct. Thompson was wearing camouflage clothing, a ballistic vest carrier and a black mask to cover his face. Police also found magazines and what appeared to be a hand-gun and AR-15 rifle on him. The weapons turned out to be an airsoft pistol and rifle.

Police say Thompson stated he wore all of that gear because the person who had a stalking order on him didn’t believe he was a veteran. Thompson was placed in custody and then sent to Three Rivers Hospital for a mental health evaluation where he escaped.

They’re still investigating how he managed to slip past staff but instead of running to hide, police say Thompson went to a hair salon to get his hair cut.

Police say Thompson then fled from the salon and they eventually caught up with him. Police are holding Thompson at the jail where staff will do a mental health evaluation.

Officers say the Department of Veteran Affairs has confirmed Thompson is a veteran. They say staff have reached out to him to get him mental health but Thompson rejects assistance claiming he doesn’t have any problems.

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  1. Fred says:

    Full Combat Gear ? I don’t think so. You are just trying to sensationalize the story………..AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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