Couple Accused of Lewd Acts on Plane

troon guyMEDFORD, Ore. — FBI agents say a Medford couple were caught in the act on flight to Las Vegas.

A criminal complaint accuses the owner of Troon Vineyard, Christopher Martin and Jessica Stroble, a nail tech at Medford’s Beauty Bar Salon, of performing lewd and indecent acts while on a flight from Medford to Vegas.

In the documents, released this week, witnesses reported the couple engaging in sexual acts multiple times during the 90 minute flight. According to the witnesses, these acts happened while the couple were in their seats and continued to occur after being approached by a flight attendant.

When the plane landed, the two were questioned by Las Vegas Police. Since it happened during a flight the case was handed over to the FBI and the two face federal charges for the June 20th incident.


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  1. James says:

    Way to go morons!!! NOT the kind of attention we want drawn to our community

  2. tim says:

    Were there kid’s on the plain? come on dude( pardon the pun) people like this make me sick. At least you guy’s could have went to the restroom. Nobody want’s to see that. Im not buying Troon Vineyard wine again if that is the way the owner is (sick puppy)

  3. Suzy says:

    Very sick! I won’t be buying Troon! Very sick and inconsiderate of them!! Could have waited till Vegas!!

  4. Spette says:

    Yes Tim, there were kids on the plane. It was in plain view. You would be surprised how many passengers have the sense of entitlment that once they get through security they are somehow immune and can be total jerks. Doubt he will lose his business over this however, most either won’t care or will be totally oblivious.

  5. Dene says:

    Hey, guess what sicko, I hope they put both your names on the NO FLY list. And shame on Allegiant for not stopping them the 1st time they were caught in the act.

  6. Robbin Watson says:

    What is wrong with these people? A business owner showing his true colors. A beautician? They both hold licenses. Shows what kind of people they really are. Most of those planes have little room to even get up and go to the bathroom, so everyone beside them, in front or behind has to put up with their behavior. I won’t be buying Troon wine or visiting her salon. Got knows where thier hands have been. What a couple of losers. Actually animals. My dogs have more sense!!

  7. Mary says:

    My husband and I were on that plane and saw them get escorted off. We were wondering what happened. They acted shocked, like they didn’t know what was going on. I must say I think half the people on the plane were already buzzed by the time we left Medford.

    1. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

      Can you contact us? We’re following this story today.

      newsdesk@kdrv.com or 541-799-9755

  8. Gazes@Shoes says:

    if you Google their names, it’s all over the national news. Keep it classy, Medford.

  9. Wendy says:

    So wrong in so many ways! No one should drink on airplanes this is a perfect example of why!

  10. Spette says:

    Maybe they did not drink on the plane. Or even before they got on the plane. Maybe they were on something else, or nothing at all. Some people just feel they can do anything they want and that they are better than others.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I hate the last name Martin anyway those men are pos… Btw Christopher Troon vineyard loser, you better be lucky my kids and I weren’t on the plane because if we had witnessed that, YOU sir would’ve enjoyed Vegas with a couple black eyes and a limping limb. True story… Your sales are going down, so go stand in the McDonald’s line.. You’re done!

    1. Jay says:

      The intelligence and control in the comments expressed in regards to the allegations upon this couple are what should be getting attention. I read all the comments, scary…


      Pass all the judgement your little minds can fathom. I suppose we should teach our kids to be quick to judge, to assume the worst, and to follow the opinions or perceptions of those around us..

      Think first!!! Hey you, “yeah you,” your not so perfect, there was a time when you got away with something just as despicable in comparison. (If true)

      Remember these are hard working respectable human beings that deserve respect and consideration despite the accusations, allegations, etc. They are someones son, brother, and neighbor.
      Be a good boy and girl and show some character, 9 out of 10 of us have been lucky and avoided getting caught doing something stupid that we regret.

  12. Kurt says:

    This is the direction that our sex-saturated culture is headed. Sexual immorality (and sexual addiction ) has reached epidemic proportions. Expect more of the same and worse. Even so, we who do know right from wrong need to continue to speak out with the TRUTH with boldness and clarity !!!

    1. Lisa says:

      Where’s the Like button

  13. Lynn says:

    I think the fact that this is publicized is a crime. I m not standing up for what they did, but stuff happens. It does not mean they should be publically humiliated and have their lives ruined. From what I read, it says “sexual acts”. It does not say exactly what they were doing. Kissing is a sexual act….. I sympathize with them…..

    1. Lisa says:

      I think they humiliated themselves when she was performing oral sex on him in the midst of a plane full of people.

    2. mark says:

      “stuff happens?”
      Are you serious?
      I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there are consequences for bad behavior. They don’t deserve a pass.

  14. E says:

    You are all morons! This is not even what happened! Yes they were making out, but there were no “lewd” or sexual acts performed. When they were asked to stop kissing the first time they did. The reason they looked shocked when they were escorted off the plane is because they were, they had not done anything “illegal” or “immoral”. Now because some idiot is claiming they saw something that never happened these two people have tarnished reputations, and are beyond humiliated. So shame on all of you!!! The only reason any of this started was because some bullshit smut wannabe news website called the smoking gun decided to exaggerate the details and humiliate them. Jessica is an upstanding wonderful person and one of my best friends who does not deserve any of this from you uninformed judgmental people. Try showing a little compassion and think of how you would feel if you, or your daughter/son were wrongly accused and slandered across the nation…so much for innocent until proven guilty

    1. Ed says:

      Well let me guess, ovcorse She didn’t do it, She’s the victom (as always), they did nothing wrong, ect. Were you there? Did you whitness this? I bet the answer is NO. How can you conferm or deny what you did not whitness? I think your just going by what she is telling you. If you believe her your the uninformed moron. they were pulled off the plain by the FBI ( they don’t pull people off a plain for making out and charge them with performing a lewd act if nothing happend). There’s more to the story than she’s telling you, According to whitnesses she was preforming oral sex on him on the plain, but they were asked by the air crew to stop and they did not. They made the choice to do this so now they need to live with there choice. Maybe he should have kept it in his short;s and her to keep her mouth slut. Your just trying to defend your friend and you don’t want to accept the fact that your best friend did this, And now she’s trying to play the victom and you are trying to help her. An upstanding wonderful person right, tell this to people who don’t know her. Going to loose business maybe, but they brought this on themself’s live with it.

      1. Ed says:

        The Mail Tribune has a copy of the complaint filed, and E you should read it DAM

  15. Marzipan says:

    Interesting how this story all comes 2nd hand but all the readers are judge, jury and trial. If you weren’t there, how do you know what really happened? Why did this hit the National news so fast but by accusation? 4g speeds + hearsay = truth? You guys are going to ruin a business over what may have been. Awesome. hope nobody gossips about any of you.

  16. Raechel says:

    This is straight-up rubbish. I’ve worked with Chris professionally for years, and anyone who has any inkling of his charecter can see what a complete fabrication this is – and in the wine industry, you know how people act after a few drinks, this is DEFINITELY not Mr. Martin’s MO. Might I also remind people that Allegiant doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation of how they treat their passengers (try a Google search) – this sounds like small town news trying to create a big story out of nothing. All of you annonymous internet judgers out there should be ashamed of yourself – Chris has been a VITAL part of the southern Oregon wine economy for over a decade, and your blind ignorance has now cost him his job – and possibly others who work for that company. I lend my sincere support to Chris, his companion and the entire Troon family.

  17. Matt MacLauchlin says:

    Not to be judge and jury because I definately was not there. My grandmother had the good sense to teach me and my siblings to have enough self respect to at least put on a clean shirt when going out in public. Not to mention to conduct myself respectably while in public. That being said, two business minded people should have enough common sense to conduct themselves with a minimal amount of restraint in public. Based on the information, I have from our news media, I know for a fact that if the FBI is called it had to be more than kissing.

  18. Mel says:

    I heard on the news this morning that Mr. Martin wanted to make a statement and, on the advise of his attorney, decided not to….It reminds me of the saying “better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.” The lawyer earned his retainer on that call. I don’t think the individuals who have posted here are out to personally ruin businesses; I would say that Martin and Stroble don’t need any help in that department. My sympathy does go out to the Troon Vineyard family who will be profoundly effected by one man’s actions and to the shop where Stroble works who will feel the backlash as well.

  19. K says:

    Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t….Who cares! I feel bad for the business. All you stupid people hiding behind your computer spreading gossip! Shame on you! I will support Troon!

  20. Hoipolloi says:

    felonious fellatio

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