Counterfeit Currency in Grants Pass

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety says they have received several calls about counterfeit bills throughout the city.

“I’m not really sure why they don’t hit us here. I know if they tried to, with my experience and my staff’s experience with handling money, it’s not a good idea,” said Jack Smith, owner of Blind George, a local shop. Smith tells NewsWatch12 he has only seen one counterfeit bill in the four years he was owned the store.

Being aware of the customers can be the first step in what Grants Pass Police say can prevent a counterfeit bill ending up in a cash register.

“Just be aware of people that may look out of place; that aren’t their regular customers; that may be acting suspicious in some way or another,” said Sgt. Todd Hawley.

Police say not to rely solely on the counterfeit detection pen to determine a bill’s authenticity. If you do come across a counterfeit, officials say to contact police immediately.

“Hold onto the bill, don’t give it back to the suspect or whoever tried to pass it,” said Sgt. Hawley. “Hold onto the bill, notify police; identify what time frame it came in, if possible.”

Smith says his past experience has prepared him for anyone trying to slip a phony bill his way.

“I have 25 years of banking experience, handling millions of dollars in cash, and kind of have an idea of what to look for,” said Smith.