Countdown to Potential Teachers Strike

MEDFORD TEACHERSMEDFORD, Ore. — In just a week from now, Medford may see teachers walk off the job.

The district has issued a “state of emergency”, planning for the potential strike and preparing to staff its schools with substitutes. Unless a new agreement is met before next Thursday, the teachers have said they will strike.

The Medford School District is recruiting licensed substitute teachers who would work with non-striking teachers and administrators to provide instruction during a strike. During that time, the school district will pay substitutes 170 dollars for a 5-hour shift and they’ll have an opportunity to work a second shift each day, which is more than 340 dollars a day.

The district has also offered to pay a daily expense allowance and a weekly round-trip mileage reimbursement. On Wednesday, negotiators from the school district and union met with state mediators for 9 hours, but did not settle any issues.

Medford school board’s declaration of a state of emergency prohibits picketing on school property and prohibits pickets from blocking school entry points; it also gives the superintendent authority to restrict signs and banners on district facilities.

At this point, there are no more meetings scheduled between the Medford Education Association.