Councilors Keep Seats After Recall Vote

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GOLD HILL, Ore. —  The fate of four Gold Hill City Councilors was decided Monday night by voters after a special recall election.

Margaret Dials, Doug Reischman, Gus Wolf, and Lorraine Parks will all keep their seats after they each won over 60 percent of the votes cast for no recall.

Councilor Dials say she was glad to keep her seat. but she is also grateful the other councilors will also stay.

“It means a lot because we work closely together as a group. We don’t always agree 100 percent, but we all work together, we all have discussions together as a body. We all act as a body and I think this is a very good sign,” said Dials.

Those who led the recall efforts hoped for a different outcome.

“I’m feeling slightly disappointed, however,  the main point of this recall was to give the people in gold hill a chance to have their say,” said Deb West, who was the chief petitioner in the recall effort.

Voter turnout was about 44 percent, and the results of the special election still need to be certified by the county clerk.