Cota Heading to Ducks Hall of Fame

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Former Oregon Ducks safety and Ashland High School standout Chad Cota will be inducted into the University of Oregon Hall of Fame this weekend. Cota played for the Ducks from 1991-1994 and was the team’s MVP during its ’94 Rose Bowl Campaign. Cota is one member of a loaded 2012 class that also features quarterback Joey Harrington and Phil Knight.

“That’s what I mentioned to the gal that told me,” said Cota. ” I said, by the way, who’s getting inducted with me and she brings up Joey Harrington and Phil Knight and I was like wow, that’s pretty cool to be able to go in with two big names like that.”

This will actually be the second time Cota enters the Ducks’ Hall of Fame. The 1994 Rose Bowl team was inducted back in 2005.

“A big reason for me getting in too, as an individual, is because of what we accomplished as a team so I kinda still look at this as the team and the ’94 Rose Bowl team but it is nice to get recognized as an individual,” said Cota.