Corvettes Take Rogue Valley Run

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A national non-profit organization that celebrates classic and contemporary Corvettes hosted it’s Western States Corvette Convention in Medford for the second time in two years. The members said they selected the Rogue Valley as a premier location for Corvette Runs.

More than fifty sporty, sleek Corvettes paraded through the Rogue Valley on a “wine run” from Medford to Jacksonville. The Western States Corvette Council (WSCC) has members from as far North as Alaska, to Colorado, California, Washington, and Nevada. Each year the council picks a place for more than 100 corvette collectors to gather for a convention. The organizers said the group looks for the best places for everyone to gather, for scenic drives.

“This is one time a year that we bring all the Corvette Clubs together in one spot, and in turn go to somewhere different. But we enjoyed Medford so much that we came back twice,” Buzz Marston, with WSCC said.

Jim Wells, the president of the historic Northern California Corvette Association, said he passes through the area often, and always enjoys scenic tours and Medford’s growing downtown.

“It’s a pretty country and the Bay Area sometimes the summer gets very brown, and here it’s a little greener still,” Wells said.

The Rogue Valley Corvette Club organized the “round-up” at the Medford Inn at the Commons. Every convention raises money for local charities. This year, the funds went to Kids Unlimited.