Coquille Tribe Grants Governor Extension

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Bureau of Indian Affairs is giving the Governor more time to comment on the Coquille casino proposal.

Governor Kitzhaber says he wants to look over the gaming application and talk with the Department of Transportation and other state officials. He’ll now have 60 days to do so. The original deadline was Wednesday. A Coquille Tribe representative says he anticipated the request.

“That’s a reasonable request and that’s why we had no objection to it,” said Ray Doering, with Coquille Economic Development. “The trust process is always rather involved and always takes time and this is one aspect of that.”

The Coquille Tribe purchased land in south Medford to gain trust status. After that, tribe representatives say they hope to build a casino in place of the old Kim’s Restaurant, near Bear Creek Golf Course and Roxy Ann Lanes.