Coquille Tribe Casino Countered

MEDFORD, Ore. — A potential casino in south Medford has been a hot topic among city and county officials since last summer, but now it’s time for the public to join the conversation.

In a few hours, Medford City Council members will hear what people think about this casino in a public hearing. Thursday morning, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians presented its counter to the Coquille proposal.

Members of the Cow Creek Tribe have a couple of issues with the Coquille’s proposal. Territory is the first issue. They say the Cow Creek Tribe has strong ties to Southern Oregon and members feel like this is a foreign proposal.

“And what the Coquille’s are trying to do is move into another jurisdiction and open an establishment and it would be very detrimental to us,” said Michael Rondeau, the Cow Creek Tribe CEO.

Another issue Cow Creek Tribe members have with the Coquille proposal were the economic success Coquilles say the casino would bring to the Medford area. Cow Creek members say it would likely be re-used business, not new business.

Jackson County Commissioners say they’ll continue to consider both sides of the casino arguments. They’ve planned a work session on the 30th.