Coquille Casino Plans Presented

MEDFORD, Ore. — County commissioners meet with the Coquille Tribe this morning to discuss plans of a possible casino opening in south Medford. Officials with the Coquille Tribe presented plans to Jackson County officials on Tuesday morning, who then followed up with questions about the business plan.

Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan asked questions regarding specifics to the tribe’s business plan and impact to the community. Plans are in the early stages and county officials said more communication with tribe officials would be necessary.

Coquille representatives say the casino would create more than 230 full-time jobs and result in $6 million in purchases from local businesses. Representatives from the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians were in attendance during this morning’s meeting and strongly oppose the casino.

The Cow Creek Tribe is behind Seven Feathers Casino in Douglas County and a casino in Jackson County could create some similar competition Coquille officials say they dealt with when another casino opened near their location in north Bend.

“Once that facility opened, we saw a small blip, then we moved on. Did we lose some of our customers? Absolutely. Did we gain others from being more competitive? Certainly, that’s what competitive businesses are,” said Ray Doering, with the Coquille Economic Development Corporation.

Representatives from the Cow Creek Tribe say the it’s also a jurisdiction issue and that this is not the Coquille Tribe’s ancestral territory. County commissioners say they are waiting to review a business plan before discussing how it will impact the county before deciding to make a decision to support oppose or have no comment on the proposed casino.

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  1. Eddie says:

    I have a better idea, Why dont the county commissioners ask the voters of Jackson county who voted them into office if they want a casino here. I have friends that work for the purple parrot, Lumpys, and the bunks deli all here in Medford, Who after talking with i believe might and are going to have there hours cut, if not just loose there jobs if this casino opens. The county commissioners dont have to worry about loosing there jobs do they? I believe the voters of Jackson County voted and put them into office, We gave them there job to protect, our intrest, and do whats right for our county. Letting a group who has no claim here,( just because some of your tribe lives here, dose not give you right to claim ancestral territory), I would like to see them prove that, come in to our county and cause so many people here to loose there jobs, this is not right and This is not looking out for us We can and should vote them out if this casino opens. Try to find another job here, I have been looking for the last 3 years

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