“Cops” Crew Member Killed During Filming

copsOMAHA, Neb. — A crew member of the long-running TV show “Cops” was shot and killed during a taping of the program.

It happened on Tuesday in Omaha, Nebraska. Police say an audio technician was hit by a bullet fired by a police officer. He and a “Cops” cameraman were filming a shootout at a “Wendy’s restaurant” between officers and a robbery suspect.

According to investigators, they later discovered the robbery suspect was firing plastic bullets from a pellet gun.

Todd Schmanderer with the Omaha Police Department says, “This was a friendly fire situation. It was an officer’s round that struck Mr. Dion, [crewmember] okay? Like I said earlier, Mr. Washington’s [the suspect] gun was an airsoft gun, and while it looked and sounded and the slide slid like it was real, it was a pellet gun.”

Footage from the shootout is being used to investigate the incident.