Cooler Air Mass Moving In

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Temperatures this afternoon and evening are pretty similar to yesterday. The air mass is pretty dry overall, but winds are going to begin shifting to the NW and cooler air is going to allow for a cooler evening in the Valley. Thunderstorms are possible through the evening mainly in Siskiyou County and on the East Side, but a slight chance will linger over the Valley as well.

Moisture and instability will be higher into Thursday. This is going to bring a greater thunderstorm threat for the East Side into late afternoon and evening and this will be the primary focus of tomorrow. A jet streak in the higher levels of the atmosphere is also aiding in the threat for thunderstorm development. By Friday, thunderstorm potential will move east and most of the viewing area will experience seasonal temperatures.

Into the weekend high pressure builds back over the region. This is going to bring afternoon highs into the upper 80’s, 90’s, and possible triple digits for inland locations depending on where exactly you are. Siskiyou County and the Valley will be the warmest areas. Early next week looks to be the hottest.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese