Cool, Dry & Windy

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Through early next week we’ll see chilly mornings but with abundant sunshine throughout the day we’ll still warm up during the afternoon to above normal for this early in Fall. East of the Cascades temperatures will struggle to get any where close to as warm as we’ve been thanks to the very cold morning starts.  Frost is possible over the next several mornings not only in the Basins but also at the lower elevations on the west side of the Cascades.  Through the rest of the work week you may want to dress in layers!

As we head into the weekend a cut-off low will approach bringing in a few more clouds to the area and seasonable temperatures across our region. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will usher in enough moisture to end our dry streak.  Today marks the 75 consecutive day without measurable precipitation, marking the 17th longest streak. If we make it to next week without rain (which it is looking like we’re going to do) we’ll be getting close to the top ten longest dry spells.

A Red Flag Warning for the Coastal ridges goes until 9 AM and a Fire Weather Watch starts tonight through tomorrow morning for the Cascades due to strong winds and low humanities in that area.

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  1. Brandon says:


    I just saw some indications online that seem to suggest we are looking at an El Nino pattern for this winter. Can you briefly compare and contrast the difference between El Nino and La Nina with regard to anticipated temperatures and snow pack this year around the Klamath Falls area? This might be a good area to focus on in a future weather broadcast to educate the viewers.


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