Continued Heat, Potential for Lightning

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Inland areas will see similar conditions today with highs still unseasonably warm thanks to the thermal trough moving further inland, this will have the opposite effect at the coast bringing cooler onshore flow and thus cooler temperatures and some stratus clouds and possible fog.

Change happens as we head into Sunday as we bring in the first real chance for isolated afternoon thunderstorms, the question will be if we have enough moisture to form thunderclouds (towering cumulus). Any thunderstorms that form on Sunday will have little rain, so the threat for dry lightning and gusty winds is present, not a good combination with the hot and dry weather we’ve had for so long. The chance for afternoon thunderstorms continues through Wednesday, with the best chance Monday and Tuesday. The threat for dry lightning will still be present these days, but we should also see more rain as we tap into more monsoonal moisture from the southwest. Lightning can strike up to ten miles from rainfall though, so even if we see rain with the storm the lightning could strike outside where it is still dry. This is a good reminder to keep fire safety in mind, especially the next several days. Where thunderstorms form will be different everyday and expecting to see sunshine before any storms develop after we’ve warmed up creating enough instability to form thunderclouds.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry