Contest Winner Rides Fire Engine

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ASHLAND, Ore. – This week, four Ashland 4th graders are taking a fire engine to school. The students won the special transportation by writing winning essays on how to escape their homes in case of a fire.

What would have been a wet walk to school for students instead was a red hot ride on a fire engine. Michael Holden and his twin brother, Alex won a trip to school in one of Ashland Fire and Rescue’s fire engines, all because of Micheal’s winning essay about how to escape home in case of a fire.

They traded in their backpacks for firefighter’s helmets and climbed into the engine. Then, they arrived at the school to something many firefighters have seen as a hero’s welcome.

As somewhat of a celebrity, Michael surrounded by his classmates, read the essay behind this new found popularity, hoping to teach the students, listening to every word. If Micheal’s plans for the future stay the same, this likely won’t be Micheal’s last lesson about firefighting or his last ride in a fire engine.

Three other fourth graders also won rides on a fire engine. Ellis and Reed Pryor and Keely McCann will take the fire engine to school later this week.