Sheriff Says Inmate Was 'Mistakenly Released,' Found Three Days Later

27-year-old Emily Fasel was mistaken for another inmate and let go on Sunday. She was found and arrested again Tuesday night.

Posted: Wed Jun 13 18:44:17 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jun 13 18:44:18 PDT 2018

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says it had a good jail. she's been working to figure out how this mistake happened in the first place and why the public didn't know about it right away. i asked sheriff sickler both of those questions today. he couldn't tell me much since it's still an ongoing investigation. but he says there were a few reasons the sheriff's office kept the messup quiet. "it would have been nice if they would have notified the public a little bit sooner i think." one reason they didn't .. "the inmate had some pretty low level charges." theft, possession of meth and heroin, and failing to appear in court over and over again. sheiff sickler says fasel was arrested last week. she's also a chronic f-t-a - or "failure to appear" offender. and if it wasn't for that.. "probably would have been released anyway due to our crowding." another reason you probably didn't hear about the mistake.. "there was no risk to the public that we're not subjected to everday, i mean obviously you can't predict what inmates or people are going to do at anytime." he says had the sheriff's office told the public sooner, getting fasel back into custody would not have been easy. all that being said, he's owning up to the mistake. "sometimes things happen and you know, we're all humans and mistakes are made so we'll just look past it and figure out a way to ensure that it doesn't happen again." adam sampson says the mistake concerns him. "maybe they could have a bigger charge, and we could have somebody out in the society with a murder charge or something." now, he just wants some transparency. "i would like the jail staff to let the public know that they're working on whatever there's not another switch up. this is the answer he gave me: "there's a criminal element to this, the individual who was released had a part in this is our belief right now." he says he can't say much more since investigators are still looking into how the mistake happened. [a24]escaped inmate-live tag sickler tells me fasel was arrested last night at a hotel in grants pass. he says it's possible she'll face some new charges after this. reporting live in medford, emma balkenbush, newswatch 12. you can learn more
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