Realtors Describe Scary Situations

Realtors Describe Scary Situations

Posted: Tue Jun 12 18:06:35 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Jun 12 18:06:36 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Realtors Describe Scary Situations

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search is on for a woman y job has it's own set of challenges and risks. but a recent incident here in medford shows that real estate agents are particularly vulnerable. police now say the man pictured here was caught in yreka, california. but there's an active manhunt for the woman. the robbery highlights the daily risk realtors face. staci drewien with rockwell group described a recent incident that shook her "they wanted to purchase a house. they were pre-qualified, that they had a lot of money to spend. you know it sounded like a great property." it seemed almost too good to be true. and upon closer inspection, it was. "but when i zoomed in on the property you'll notice they had completely photoshopped it. there was someone else's photo, it was actually a famous stock broker's photo, and then on the bottom of the passport they had missed a section and didn't cover the name." skye flora, a realtor with john l. scott detailed another scary encounter. "i had somebody walk in that i could tell right off the bat was maybe not there to check out the house. and thankfully a couple walked in right behind this person and i asked them if they just wouldn't mind hang around with me." it's the nature of the job to jump at opportunity. "you know, you get excited, you're hungry. you want to make a sale. you want to show the property. but i just zoomed into it. clearly you could tell it was doctored up." and who knows what could have happned had staci not paid attention to the details. "i think the bottom line is, if you don't feel safe or, you know if there's a bell going off in your head like this just doesn't seem right, listen to your gut instincts because it's better to be safe than sorry." a sentiment echoed by police. it's better to to take extra precaution then to miss out on a sale. "when you're in a neighborhood like this, it's easy to understand why you can't
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