Medford School Bond Up in the air

Medford School bond to fund CTE expansion up in the air. School board members wait for results as votes get counted.

Posted: Tue May 15 23:44:20 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue May 15 23:44:20 PDT 2018

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announcer saye have team coverae impact of tonight's results... newswatch 12's sionan barrett is closely watching the way your vote is being tallied. and newswatch 12's eliana sheriff is getting reaction to the outcome of the grants pass school bond. we begin with newswatch 12's emma balkenbush with a look at what's next for the medford school district. school board members are still anxiously awaiting results. right now, the bond is 51 point 4 percent to 48 point 6 in favor of the no votes. school board members tell me it could be a long night, but it's a scenario they've been in before and they're hoping for the best. up in the air "the 2006 school bond, we went to bed thinking we had lost and we woke up at 5 am and we had won." school board chair karen starchvick is hoping this election will have a similar end. "so right now, we're keeping up our hopes." it's been a nail biter of a race, with votes coming out to them down. "we know that people are voting late, we know that people are lined up in front of that drop box, a lot of people i talked to today said they were still planning on voting, but weren't going to get to do it until after work." she says a lot of work went into this bond when work first began. "i'm really exhausted, i could not have worked harder on this campaign than i did, it has consumed me since january." if the votes don't turn out in their favor, the issue won't be going away. "we'll get there, if we're not successful tonight we knew it was a big hill to climb." it's a fight she says they won't stay away from.3 "we will back, yeah, because we know this is the right thing to do." now if the bond does pass tonight, the district says it hopes to break ground next spring and open those new facilities by august of 2020. if it fails, it's back to the drawing board. reporting live in medford, emma balkenbush, newswatch 12. we turn now to newswatch
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