Local School District Creates Lockdown Panic Button With 3D Printer

Local School District Creates Lockdown Panic Button With 3D Printer

Posted: Wed Apr 25 18:56:22 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Apr 25 18:56:22 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Local School District Creates Lockdown Panic Button With 3D Printer

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andryanna says: "now this 3d printer's name is larry and he's got a pretty big job right now it looks like he's just printing out a yellow slab but he's actually helping keep klamath falls city school students safer." nats of larry working larry is working on the 5th version of this---the norton notifier. it's named after this panic button. scott says: everyone behind locked doors quickly as possible so that people know what to do." if that button is pressed, it will send out this message nat "lockdown lockdown lockdown. tones secure everyone inside classrooms. emergency alert, boardroom" the message will go out to every desk phone, every computer, and every speaker in that school, alerting everyone inside that there is a lockdown and where that threat is coming from. wesley norton, scott mahaffey and the rest of the tech team have been thinking about this panic button idea over the last year. but after february 14-th they realized they needed to turn the idea into something real. wesley says: "after the parkland shooting the technicians that work with me over there, we were having a conversation and it was more about how do we do this. how can you make this more of something that everyone can do?" right now, the plan is to put the final product into every room in the klamath falls city schools district, including the district office. that will cost about 60 thousand dollars norton and mahaffey say student safety is priceless. wesley says: "it's constant in my mind that my kids can be harmed anywhere." scott more and more a threat so that's why we did it. we felt like we had the capability to do something something that we would be able to assist and help prevent tragedy like that." falls, andryanna sheppard, newswatch 12." today--ashland high school is celebrating the official opening
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