Ashland to Arlington, Chandler Heads to NFL Draft

Beka Chandler, a 25-year massage therapist from Ashland, will be attending the NFL Draft to educate players on proper training and healing methods.

Posted: Tue Apr 24 21:09:14 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Apr 24 21:09:14 PDT 2018

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and one of southern oregon's own is in arlington for the spectacle. beka chandler has been a massage therapist in ashland for 25 years, and after connecting with a training specialist named clay mack, she got an invite to head to texas. beka says, "i connected with clay mack skills, he's a trainer who trains people who are in the nfl or going into the draft, he said yeah come on down so i said, 'okay i'll come down.' so i have some appointments to work with some of the people that are in the draft to work on them and then i'm going to be studying under clay mack some of the training drills." jake: when she says that she's going to work on some of the players, this is what she means... again she specializes in massages to work knots out of injured players... and also has plenty of experience in healing concussions. here's an example of what she'll be showing those players. in her mind, the weekend is about making connections. one day she sees nfl players with injuries coming to southern oregon. beka says, "some of the best people in the united states are here, surgeons and nurturing, healing place and i could very well see them starting to come here." jake: i'll have more from beka once she gets back and give you an even deeper look into what she does. moving forward with some softball news though... today a very important set of naia rankings were released. after a sweep of carroll and a split with oregon tech, the southern oregon raiders
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