Upgrades Coming to Medford Center

Upgrades Coming to Medford Center

Posted: Tue Apr 24 18:13:47 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Apr 24 18:13:47 PDT 2018

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now construction workers are putting up the frame for the canopy. when it's done it will have a plexiglass cover, so while it will keep the rain out, it's going to the let the sunshine in." nats of construction right now time is of the essence. unforeseen problems in the soil delayed the renovations at the village in the medford center by almost three months. allen purdy/sb james construction: "we had to re-engineer the foundation." nats of construction now one half of the village is covered by this frame... that...when completed ...will help make the center enjoyable year round. allen purdy/sb james construction: "it's gonna create these better seating areas." nats construction today crews were also taking apart the ground...brick nats by brick. the heavy machinery used to fix the foundation and construct business facades cracked and wore down the previous bricks. when finished...it will look similar to the ground outside of baja fresh. allen purdy/sb james construction: "just stunningly beautiful." towards the other end of the village... construction crews tore down the fountain. allen ensures a new, more elaborate, water feature will be put in it's place. allen purdy/sb james construction: "it's going to make it a place that people will want to go to." to help advertise the newly renovated area ....workers will build a 75 foot tall sign on top of sears. allen purdy/sb james construction: "it's medford's own 'sears tower'" this will make it easier for drivers to see the village from the freeway. allen purdy/sb james construction: "it now looks like its almost a new facility again." the village at the medford center will be completed in the next three months. the tower will be up and running by the end of the summer. kate houston/the village, medford center: "construction crews tell me on friday they're going to start putting up the frame for the canopy so it covers this half of the medford center. reporting in medford, kate houston, newswatch12." the burn window for grants pass
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