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Vote Mr. Frank for Janitor of the Year!

Vote Mr. Frank for Janitor of the Year!

Posted: Fri Apr 20 18:23:46 PDT 2018
Updated: Fri Apr 20 18:23:47 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Vote Mr. Frank for Janitor of the Year!

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

brookings man is up for a take pkg sionan says, "frank hernandez is a beloved custodian here in brookings. and he's a finalist out of students the superintendent and even this message board is reminding you to get to get online and place your vote for frank." mr. frank starts work at 6am on school days as the first face students see, safely guiding them across the road. kylee brissette says, "he actually takes care of us and kind of makes me feel like i'm part of his heart of his family." once i walked through the school doors, i realized i had just walked into mr. frank's fan club. there are "vote for mr. frank" signs on every wall, "there's a lot of posters including this one." tee-shirts made and worn by his colleagues, "go mr. frank" and even model-like pictures of his face hanging from lanyards. frank says, "i'm getting emotional now i'm just holding it all together but i'm about to lose it right now but yeah i do i can't believe it." by lunchtime, frank's cleaned up after 800 students. he loves his work. and the students love him back. hannah hall "i feel like i'm still at home honestly because he just cares for us, he's there for us, and he'll stand up for us." the district's superintendent says frank brings color and hapiness to the school, literally.. sean gallagher "if you look at this purple post right here, it resembles a crayon and this was frank's idea because he just wanted to find a creative way to make this more personable for kids and staff and parents." today is the last day votes are accepted before one finalist is awarded a 5 thousand dollar prize. and i was curious- i asked frank what he would do with the money. frank says, "you're really going to ask me? i was gonna share it with some of my coworkers." colleagues say that's not a surpsing midnight
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