Bring Home the Monarchs!

NewsWatch 12's Anne Campolongo is 'In the Garden' with OSU Master Gardener Robin McKenzie for a look at how to Bring Home the Monarchs.

Posted: Fri Apr 20 12:20:38 PDT 2018
Updated: Fri Apr 20 12:20:38 PDT 2018

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--photo #1 adult monarch butterfly photo #2 monarch caterpillar eating milkweed photo #3 asclepias tuberosa orange milkweed variety notes: what: you can attract monarch butterflies who are suffering habitat destruction and encourage their egg- laying by growing and planting milkweed in your garden. it's supporting western monarch migration from our valley down to ca and back. why: they eat the plants you grow! they have co-evolved to eat only milkweed that contains a toxic milky substance that makes monarchs unpalatable to birds and most other predators . seeing a plant eaten and destroyed by these little guys means that we'll have butterflies that will eventually make that migration back down to ca and start the cycle again. how: create your own butterfly bed and breakfast. become a caterpillar rancher. show photo #1 & 2 in sequence one stop for eating and egg-laying. milkweed plants are perennial, so once you plant them, they return. it's very important to grow enough food to sustain multiple caterpillars for 3 weeks of growth. grow at least 10 plants. growing from seed is the most cost- effective way to do this. i will set table up and proceed from left to right tricks to growing milkweed by seed. show photo #3 1. they need cold, wet and then light to germinate then food camera focus back on seeds, paper towel and spray bottle. place seeds between paper towels and lightly wet, bag a. place in refrigerator for 6-8 weeks 2. second trick light, heat and food a. pull out of the fridge and gently press the seeds into seed starting mix not soil or potting mix b. put the seedlings in their 6-packs onto special germination heat pads lights set on a timer for 16 hours/day without this light, they will get leggy and fall over. i use shop lights with full-spectrum bulbs e. as choice there is no food in the seed starting mix, so left a. when the second set of leaves appears, go ahead and plant them in potting plant them. c. plant close enough together so that they can to come. you can also use the set-up to get a jump spring garden fair on may you can find out more by contacting your local master gardener... at the numbers on your screen... air pollution is spiking in oregon.
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