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More People Carrying Naloxone in Southern Oregon

One local mom says she's doing everything she can to try and prevent her loved one from being a part of Medford’s recent spike in heroin overdoses.

Posted: Wed Apr 18 23:37:34 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Apr 18 23:37:35 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for More People Carrying Naloxone in Southern Oregon

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out r loved one from being a part of medford's recent spike in heroin overdoses. newswatch 12's eliana sheriff explains how she's now part of the growing public that carries a life-saving drug. naloxone, the overdose reversal drug, is no longer only found in emergency rooms and police cars. now some concerned citiznes carry it too . jessica peters says, "i'm just afraid i am going to lose her i lost my younger sister to the same thing so i just want to take every measure i can." jessica peters is referring to her daughter-- who she says she's seen struggling with a heroin addiction for years. she says the drug has already consumed her daughter- but she fears it will take her away completely. jessica peters says, "it's just such a horrible, horrible drug. it just takes them over." today's community training on naloxone was one of the busiest yet. even the u.s. surgeon general is advising the public to carry naloxone...and police support it too. right now southern oregon is seeing an opiod abuse epidemic. and every day people are learning how they can help save someone's life with a nasal spray or injectable naloxone. jessica peters says, "i'm going to watch the video and educate myself on how to use it." more people die from drug overdose deaths than car accidents. and while naloxone doesn't treat someone's addiction, it does give someone another chance at life. during an overdose people struggle to breath. naloxone helps them restore their breathing. this man, who volunteers at st vincent de paul says he sees a lot of young people fighting this addiction. he hopes having the drug on hand will help give more people a second chance at life. dennis mihocko says, "you got every chance until you take your last breath you still got a chance. and so who are we to judge and say no, you don't deserve to live." max's mission says this was one of their busiest community trainings yet. they handed out over 45 nasal sprays and over 15 injectable kits the next meeting in medford is may 23rd, from 4-7 at the library. head to our website,, for more information
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