City of Phoenix Agrees to Ditch 'Road Diet'

Phoenix city councilors are listening to an overwhelming request to take Main Street off its current 'road diet'.

Posted: Mon Apr 16 23:36:04 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Apr 16 23:36:04 PDT 2018

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put out. says the road diet- which changed traffic configuration on main street from two lanes to one lane, was implemented in 2016. since then the mayor says the city has received countless requests to change things back to the way they were. the road diet was meant to make the city more pedestrian and bike friendly-- but with lower speeds and only one lane, some people say it's become a chokepoint for traffic. city councilor sarah westover says she thinks toe road diet experiment helped them find the best solution. [a17]phoenix traffic-sot sarah westover says, "i think where we started on this issue, was actually well let's either keep it the way it is or go back to it's not just about a one or a two lane configuration, it is about a whole package. through our process we have been able to sculpt those nuances and sculpt something that's a hybrid that wouldn't have come about unless we had this process and these conversations." councilors voted to have two travel lanes, with a dedicated bike lane and parking on the right side only. they also want a target speed of 20 miles per hour and flashing beacons at some crosswalks to make it easier for pedestrians to cross safely. you likely won't see these changes until next spring when the city will have more money available to pay for the improvements. the 20-18 ashland
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