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'Saving Brinton' at AIFF

'Saving Brinton' at AIFF

Posted: Sat Apr 14 17:17:40 PDT 2018
Updated: Sat Apr 14 17:17:40 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for 'Saving Brinton' at AIFF

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enjoying the small town iowa history teacher michael zahs didn't know the documentary 'saving brinton' was actually going to be about him -- until he saw the film for the first time. clip from trailer michael says: "and there is the brinton room." his journey to the big screen started almost 40 years ago in 19- 81---in a basement. micahel says: "it's just been a great part of my life." he was cleaning out a basement and discovered frank brinton's showreels from the early 1900s brinton is credited to bringing motion pictures to the midwest. and zahs got his hands on those films decades later. michael says: "i was able to haul three truck loads of stuff. it was the same week we got married. i had no money and it was an adventure and i had no idea what was there and we're still finding things in the collection. there are so many parts to it." now zahs tours all over the globe, with the people who made the documentary, teaching movie go-ers about early motion pictures. they made a stop in ashland for the ashland independent film festival and did just that. but he still says 'saving brinton' isn't necessarily about him. michael says: "i don't think it's my story so much but if it can help people to--i've had people say you've justified me saving things well, that's good." zahs says he hopes this documentary inspires people to hang on to some of their history. michael says: "there are things that we're too close to to understand the value of until time and so we need to give people more time. and we live in a period when time is something that gets in our way and it should slow us down." in ashland, andryanna sheppard, newswatch 12. [a26]studded tires-vo oregon's studded tire season is
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