Cannabis industry leaders talk about future

Cannabis industry leaders talk about the future of cannabis at a mixer.

Posted: Fri Jan 26 00:04:32 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 26 00:04:32 PST 2018

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announcer say eliana sheriff says, "these are dozens of industry professionals here for the together to keep the cannabis industry strong and growing here in oregon." obie strickler says, "we know big money is going to where we are still relevant, we don't want monsanto, we dont want big tobacco." the oregon cannabis industry is a big boost to the economy, with less than two years as an industry here-- it generated 500 million dollars of sales last year and is growing which is why grown rogue-- a cannabis management company-- is getting those involved in the industry together to strategize how to stay successful. some of those ideas are to be innovative, especially with more competition like the newly legalized recreational sales in california but ceo obie strickler sees this as a way to continually change the perspective on cannabis. obie strickler says, "i think california legalization has really put california on the map." other challenges-- the recently rescinded cole memo-- but strickler says if anything that move has made the peoples voices even louder "think about the outreach that came from the attorney general, who is on record talking about the tax revenue generated and how they will fight the federal oversight with every regard." he says the main goal of their industry is to change people's perceptions "grown rogue sponsored this event to bring the community and start a process where we integrate professionals and members of the public." people in the industry say they like that the way their industry is headed and they federally legal and i think it's cool we're trying to expand it beyond oregon." eliana sheriff says, "grown rogue says this is just one heading to our website, in medford, eliana sheriff, newswatch this is just one of many mixers to come. the events are free and the public is invited to attend. you can get those details by heading to our website, in medford, eliana sheriff, newswatch 12." for more on attorney generals sessions positioin on legal marijuana and the
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