Around 400 People March for Life in Grants Pass

Today around 400 pro-life supporters marched in Grants Pass. Newswatch 12's Sionan Barrett talked to families there and tells us why supporters chose today to take to the streets.

Posted: Sun Jan 21 18:18:06 PST 2018
Updated: Sun Jan 21 18:18:06 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Around 400 People March for Life in Grants Pass

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marched in sionan says, "tomorrow is the 45th anniversary of roe vs. wade. you'll remember that supreme court decision started a national debate that continues today about if and how late in a pregnancy an abortion should be legal. today hundreds of people are marching to get their pro-life message across." it was pouring rain, but that didn't stop supporters from marching down 6th street. swanson says, "i just really want to instill that in my children and i want people to see that there are women out kids, women and men, young and old all walked as one. folks at the rally tell me they're defending the unborn. swanson says, "i was raised in a single by a single mom and she could've easily back in the 60's or 70's decided not to keep me but she did and i'm grateful." this comes one day after a different march in grants pass. supporters at the women's march were rallying for women's rights including health care and birth control options. a participant told our team it's important for women on both sides of an issue to get involved and have a voice. vanessa says: "i'm community because change never comes from the top down it always comes from the bottom up." with organizers from both rallies calling this weekend a success .. the focus is turning to what will happen on the federal level.. with the shutdown in it's second day. in grants pass, sionan barrett, newswatch 12. [a17]right to life march-tag many of these marchers told newswatch12 they'll be at mike