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Mike Gallagher Amateur Athlete

Mike Gallagher Amateur Athlete

Posted: Thu Jan 18 19:24:35 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Jan 18 19:24:35 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Mike Gallagher Amateur Athlete

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athlete triathlon coach-pkg michael gallagher is the only certified triathlon coach in southern oregon. his business... rogue tri performance... is dedicated to helping the sport grow... but his coaching isn't just about triathletes. it's about triathletes and everyone in between. michael says, "when people meet me for the first time, they think i just coach triathletes. well actually, i coach triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclers, strength athletes. shayla deberry is one of his local clients ... wanting to take running up again, she decided this time to do it with a coach. shayla says, "i like to have someone to be accountable to and the motivation is very helpful to me." michael says, "i saw how people would go from a couch to a 5k. i saw how happy they were, how passionate they were about doing something they never thought they could do before." jake says, "and while michael does indeed spend a lot of time training single- sport athletes, his expertise shines when he goes from the trail, to the bike, to the pool." michael says, "by being the only usat certified triathlon coach, i wanted to help really push the sport of triathlon." joe chick, the race director for mt. ashland's famous hill climb, says he's made strides in the rogue valley. joe says, "i hear him talking to a lot of people that might only be runners about the idea of cross training or other kinds of training. he's even got me getting on a bike this spring and summer, which is kind of terrifying but i'm going to give it a go." michael says, "i was a runner at first and i never became hooked on it." michael hopes the rest of southern oregon follows down a similar path. plenty of untapped potential in an already active community... but maybe one in need of a coach. joe says, "having a coach here that can help then maybe develop and expand their skills and train in ways they might not have thought of is only going to help not only each of them develop as athletes but draw more people into the sport." in ashland, jake garcia, newswatch 12 sports. after two competitive games against ranked
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