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Flu patients crowd emergency departments

Flu patients crowd emergency departments

Posted: Thu Jan 18 18:44:35 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Jan 18 18:44:35 PST 2018

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acros the state this season making it one of the worst in years. newswatch 12's eliana sheriff went to a local emergency room to see how the flu is hiting the rogue here at providence's emergency department, i talked to one of the head doctors here. she says its one of the worst flu season they've seen in years. there's even masks for people walking in so if they do have symptoms they don't spread them." dr bergey says, "we've see about a 10-20 percent rise in our general volume. a good 25 percent of the patients we're seeing are flu related. admission wise- 10 percent of patents admitted are flu positive, so it's making a big impact." providence says we're about halfway through the season so there should be a decrease soon. about half of those patients admitted for the flu have had their flu shot. this year the vaccine is only about 30% effective. "we're stil seeing those patients who are geting the flu shots get the flu but the good news is those patients tend to have les severe symptoms so it's still worth getting and it's not too late to get your flu shot." most flu patients ge suportive care "we recommend anti-fever reducing medications, like tylenol and ibuprofen, kep your fluids up, we coach patients don't spread it to family, wash your hands cover your cough,disinfect your surfaces." signs tha your flu is geting worse and you should go back to the doctor include having trouble breathing, weaknes, and confusion. in medford, eliana sheriff, newswatch 12. [a3]ja co coalition grants-vo 18 non profits are being