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VIDEO FORECAST: Rain & Snow Tonight into Friday

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY continues for the higher elevations with accumulating snow overnight into Friday. Rain showers on and off for the coast and valleys.

Posted: Thu Jan 18 18:19:41 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Jan 18 18:19:41 PST 2018

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strmwatch 12 weather as the trough moves inland, it will also generate around 4500 fet over the cascades and east side. snow levels lowers to 2700-350 foot range tonight and could lower to 2500 feet by friday morning. time height forecast of the cascades ashland. scattered showers will continue into friday after this main short wave has moved through. there inches of rain from friday through friday night. saturday is expected to be a relatively quiet day as the next storm moves into the coastal waters. models show into southern jackson county. extended discusion sunday through relative break in the action may be far and few in hopefully you can enjoy some of the upcoming weather. thanks. [c4]tease thre-up