Amateur Athlete: Trevahn Foster

St. Mary’s forward Trevahn Foster has made highlight-reel blocks a habit this season, and he’s the subject NewsWatch 12’s Amateur Athlete profile.

Posted: Thu Jan 11 20:10:18 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Jan 11 20:10:18 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Amateur Athlete: Trevahn Foster

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st. mary's basketball game this year... and one thing jumps out. it's trevahn foster jumping up to block a shot. the sophomore forward has a clear talent and a spot in the crusaders starting lineup allows him to show it night in and night out. he's this week's amateur athlete and his shot swatting ability is the focus. [g5]amateur athlete tre foster-pkg "dyer drives baseline ... foster... swatted .... tre foster says 5'7", meet 6'5." "tre foster again! another earthshattering block for the sophomore." foster says, "it just brings energy to the team out on the floor, on the bench, everybody loves it. i love it. it just brings more enthusiasm." st. mary's tre foster has a knack for blocking shots. dixon says, "left-handed shot blockers, you're already facing up on a right-handed shot a lot of the times. the hand gets there much quicker." but there's got to be more to it. how does a freshman team player a year ago become southern oregon's most prolific varsity swatter? i had to find out. jake says, "when someone gets low in the post, what is it that you're seeing that enables you to block so "you're a quiet guy, but i know that you can get really passionate about this, so i'm going to have you do the honors, i'm going to go up for a layup and feel free to try and to the hashtag things foster can block. as long as he stays out of foul trouble... it's an extensive list. dixon says, "he blocks a lot of shots... as long as he doesn't foul a lot... that comes with blocking a lot of shots sometimes. he's much better on the floor than he is sitting on the bench." and getting off the bench is what's allowed foster to shine. he transferred from crater after his freshman year... just needing an opportunity. tre says, "it means something big to me. i'm out here starting varsity as a sophomore." he found it with st. mary's. and for the next three years, his shot blocking skills will be front and center... on the varsity stage. in medford... jake garcia... newswatch 12 sports. sticking with high school basketball... at the 6-a level,
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