New Oregon Gun Law

A new gun law is taking effect January 1st in the State of Oregon. It would allow a judge to take away guns from some people considered to be suicidal or a threat to others.

Posted: Thu Dec 28 23:13:36 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 28 23:13:36 PST 2017

Speech to Text for New Oregon Gun Law

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how it's changing in the n to tell us how this new law works-- and why some people have mixed opinions. the new state law allows for guns to be removed from people believed to be suicidal or a threat to others. people i talked have mixed reactions to the law. "my opinion is it's not constitutional, it's a total abuse of power." the new oregon law concerning guns is causing concern for some people. supporters say it gives families a way to get weapons away from people who may hurt themselves or others. opponents see it as a form of gun control. an effort to repeal the new law failed in october. petitioners didn't get enough signatures in time. "i would say it's kind of unfair in a way, but if the person is mentally unstable then yea, you should take their guns away." the decision to require someone to give up a gun will ultimately come down to a judge. after a family member files for an order - a judge will make the decision based off that person's past. things taken into consideration include suicidal attempts or threats, physical violence, and convictions involving violence. if a judge decides someone is not fit to own a gun they are required to turn any firearms they own over to law enforcement within 24 hours "judging mental capacity, who is really able to pass that judgment, like oh i don't think you're mentally fit to have a gun but it's also a right. it's all kind of conflicting." the new law will also allow a judge to issue an order prohibiting the subject from possessing or buying firearms or ammo for one year. it grants police enforcing such orders the power to search for and seize guns that were not a hearing to keep their firearms, which must be held within 21 days. and if someone files a fake order against someone else, they could be imprisoned for up to a year, or pay a hefty fine,
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