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red cross

red cross oregon volunteer in southern california helping witih wildfires

Posted: Wed Dec 06 18:57:09 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 18:57:09 PST 2017

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addition, disaster responders from oregon are heading to southern california. several people - including from medford and gold beach will be helping in relief efforts. they'll be working in shelters and delivering health assistance to people staying in those wildfire relief shelters. the red cross says you can help by donating to the organization. newswatch 12 spoke with one oregon volunteer who got into camarillo, california today. [a23]red cross help-sotvo "it's not fun for anybody but what i'm seeing here is a lot of really kind hearted, really cool people coming together and lifting up people who need help right now." he says the red cross had more than 400 people in shelters just last night. volunteers will stay in southern california for about 2 weeks. to find out how you can donate to those affected by the wildfires, you can head to our website, a man accused