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icy roads

car crash phoenix police icy roads medford police crash off griffin creek road medford

Posted: Wed Dec 06 18:31:16 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 18:31:16 PST 2017

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some frost on your yard, your car and on the road. oregon state police say there were several crashes on interstate 5 this morning and one of them was due to the slick roads. newswatch 12's emma balkenbush tells us what you need to know when driving in winter conditions. [a23]frosty roads-ll pkg emma says, "it may be about fifty degrees and sunny on the valley floor today, but if you take about a ten minute drive up griffin creek road you'll find this, frost still on the side of and this morning it was cold." medfor saw a lot of sunshine today, but it was a frosty morning. and some parts of town stayed that way all day. people living on griffin creek road came outside to find this car in a ditch this morning. right now phoenix police are looking for the person suspected of stealing it. they say it disappeared from south pacific highway last night. but only made it to this point before the driver went off the road and took off. neighbors tell me that person probably didn't realize this isn't the spot to speed. "we're about five degrees colder than medford so this road gets very icy very fast." he says finding a ca off the roadway at this time of year is not a surprise. "this is the first accident of this year so far, we usually get anywhere between five and six accidents up here a year." this on happened in the middle of the night. but medford police say drivers need to be vigilant when the sun's out too. "a lot of people think oh for your car. police say just making sure your whindshield is clear before heading out isn't good enough. "make sure your and
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