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Motels and Millennials: Young Family Struggles to Leave

MEDFORD, Ore. - One family under one roof, that's the dream for a pair of Medford siblings.

Posted: Nov. 7, 2017 4:31 PM
Updated: Nov. 7, 2017 6:15 PM

MEDFORD, Ore. - One family under one roof, that's the dream for a pair of siblings. A 22 year old mother and her 24 year old brother are working with their significant others to raise 3 young kids.
Talking about a dream end goal, Skyler Andres says, "Just to have a home for all of us to live, all seven of us."

The pair have rented two rooms in the Rogue Valley Inn for three years.

Samantha Moore says, "It's not fun coming home and raising three kids and a motel room."

Samantha is a 22 year old mother to three kids under five, "Eating together as a family is sitting on the bed. Because there is no table in there, you can't fit a table in there, not with three kids at least."

The four walls in her room are what her kids have called home since they were born.

Samantha says, "I don't want to raise my family here, I don't want to raise my kids in a motel. I would never wish that upon my worst enemy. I would never wish this on anybody. It's horrible."

The Rogue Valley Inn is one of a dozen places in downtown Medford used by families squeezed out of the housing market.

Skyler says, "Just trying to survive is pretty hard. We barely have enough food, we just have enough food in the fridge to feed the kids and my grandma and we just eat enough to survive and this motel is terrible."

Both Skyler and Samantha each have two jobs. It's still not enough to save and afford an apartment.

Samantha says, "The rent is terrible in the Valley, it's absolutely terrible."
For every 100 families with extremely low incomes, there are only 16 units available. That means over 4700 affordable housing options would need to be created to meet the need in Jackson County.
In a perfect world, this brother and sister would move into an apartment, and maybe even a home.

Samantha says, "Having somewhere to actually call home, that doesn't revolve around a motel room. And having somewhere to sit down at a dinner table and have dinner with my family every single day that's my goal."

NewsWatch12, Rockwell Real Estate, and the Salvation Army are teaming up to help a local family in need, nominate a local family to receive three months of free rent by clicking here.

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