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Cannabis Industry Leaders Talk About Future

A cannabis industry representative says marijuana brought in 500-million dollars in sales in Oregon last year, and he expects it to bring in even more this year. NewsWatch 12's Eliana Sheriff met with industry professionals in Southern Oregon to talk about the future of cannabis in Oregon.

Posted: Jan. 24, 2018 11:17 PM
Updated: Jan. 26, 2018 12:06 AM

MEDFORD, Ore.--Dozens of industry professionals gathered for the mixer.
They're talked about 2018, what to expect, and challenges and opportunities they face.

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They're banding together to keep the cannabis industry strong and growing here in Oregon.

Obie Strickler says, "We know big money is going to be coming into this industry, this industry has to align and has to ensure we create a structure to where we are still relevant, we don't want Monsanto, we don’t want big tobacco."

Strickler says the main goal of their industry is to change people's perceptions.

Obie Strickler says, "Grown Rogue sponsored this event to bring the community and start a process where we integrate professionals and members of the public."

Grown Rogue will be holding events throughout the year for the public to attend for free.
You can keep up to date on when the next mixer is by heading to their website.

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