Containment Date Pushed Back

Douglas Complex OTS Sept 1NEAR GLENDALE, Ore. — Flare ups forced fire crews to push back the containment date for the Douglas Complex burning near Glendale.

They were shooting for Sunday to call it 100% contained. Falling trees and rocks, plus windy conditions, kept crews from getting as much marked off the to-do list than they anticipated.

Smoke billowing from the fire is still visible in some areas, crews say that comes from creeping hot spots and smoldering land. There are several areas that will stay that way until the fall rains come in, but the new containment date is set for September 3rd.

More than 600 crew members are still there through the Labor Day holiday. It’s been more than a month since the fire sparked, from lightning about seven miles north of Glendale.

Right now, they’re calling it 90% contained. In total the Douglas Complex charred 48,679 acres.