Consumer Reports: Smart Watches

smart watchYONKERS, NY — Consumer Reports says the next big technology trend will be smart watches, which are similar to smart phones.

They connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet and run loads of apps that can monitor fitness … or control the music on your phone.

They also notify you when calls, texts and instant messages come in.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is the only watch tested that can actually make a call.

Two new Gear watches just being introduced can also handle calls.

But Samsung watches only work with Samsung phones. Other smart watches pair with any Android phone – but check the specs if you have an iPhone.

The easiest watches pair with a simple tap.

Testers found some watches hard to read in bright sunlight. Some are tricky to navigate.

Consumer Reports says you might want to wait to buy a smart watch until prices come down.

These watches run from 150 up to 300 dollars.

This report is based on an article on Consumer Reports’ website.